0 Base Design, LLC is a design and engineering organization specializing in electro-mechanical systems development, energy conversion and recovery technologies, and complex real-time sensor and processing systems. We focus on highly functional design with aesthetic appeal. Our designs are derived from engineering analysis with attention to functional requirements and form. We develop systems that sense, process, and exploit light, electro-magnetism, chemistry, gas dynamics and fluid mechanics. Our core expertise includes forensic system analysis, data analytics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, multi-physic simulation and systems engineering. We have extensive skills in the development of robust architectures for real-time sensor and processing systems.

We aim to design and develop responsible technology-based solutions that consider design and aesthetics key to a successful and functional system. Responsible designs consider resources, relationship with the environment, and ethical considerations of our products and solutions throughout the lifecycle – development, testing, production, recovery, and recycling.

We develop systems with interdisciplinary collaborative teams using integrative design methodology. We use system modeling, simulation, decision and control theory, and analytics to guide the design of systems that include sensors, signal conditioning, actuators, power systems and electronics, communications infrastructure, and embedded computing.


System Design



Real-Time Signal & Imaging Systems

Physical System Integration & Test

Forensic Analysis





We have an extensive suite of specialized equipment including CNC machines, MIG/TIG welding, plasma cutting, precision scales and 3D additive printing

CNC Gang Tool Lathe

CNC Vertical Milling Machine

CNC Vertical Milling Machine

Large Format Additive Manufacturing Machine

3D Laser Scanner